One-Off Resolutions or Habit-Forming: Are Your Sales Tactics Still On Track?

We’re about halfway through Q1 and the things I said on New Year’s Eve are even blurrier today than they were on January 1st.  I know I made some promises to myself:  Exercise more, eat better, etc.  And really, it’s funny how we all know what to do to be “better”, it’s just we can’t always keep executing on our plan to reach our goals.

The same goes for sales plans.  Finishing the year strong is always important and exciting.  But shifting gears and implementing all of the new processes to make the New Year even better than the last is a hard transition.  It gets even harder when the world brings you the inevitable fires that distract and tempt you to fall back on old habits.  Don’t get sucked in!


Now is the time to re-examine your goals and changes to the process that, in usually a calmer and more thoughtful time, you decided would make you and the team more effective.  A while back, I read that to build a new habit, you must perform the desired activity at least 30 times in a row.  With that in mind, when you made your New Years resolutions for your business, what new activities did you identify to make those resolutions happen?

Well, when it comes to transitional times, it’s important to schedule regular check-ups to make sure that your plans are being implemented and what needs to be done to keep moving forward is happening.  At these check-ups, ask yourself, and/or the team:

  1. Are the changes we implemented succeeding and/or being followed through with pinpoint accuracy?
  2. What changes are you noticing?
  3. How will you ensure these new changes gain more steam for the long haul?

The activities you expect, foster, and enforce are what shows how “resolute” you truly are about your resolution.  If you want better time management, you’ll need to construct habits around time management software and setting personal checklists for every day of the week, if not the entire month.  And if you want more business at your doorstep, you’ll need to build habits around better lead generation and prospecting activities, like designated cold call times.  Whatever your aspirations are, define the activity and then build habits to meet those goals.

It always sounds easy when I read an article like this one telling me that in just a few simple steps, everything can be better.  Truth is, we know it’s not easy.  It is hard, time-consuming and frustrating keeping yourself and your team on task.  But in my experience, it’s not the person with the best idea that is the most successful, it’s the person with the best implementation.

Now excuse me while I eat this salad…

Image courtesy of Crescent Biz Report