Thanksgiving Message from CEO, Ryan Eudy

It is that time of year again in the U.S.; a time to give thanks for everything we are grateful for during the past year. As I reflect on everything that has happened in my life, both professionally and personally, I realized that this should not be something that is taken for granted. We all truly have a lot to be thankful for and need to take more time out of our busy lives to reflect on all of the positive things that may often be overlooked while rushing to meet a deadline, or trying to get a child to soccer practice on time (even though they may seriously dislike the sport).

thank you noteFirst, I would like to thank my family for always being there for me and understanding when I have to be away for extended periods of time. Without a great wife, two amazing children, and strong support from the rest of my family the rest of this post would not be possible.

Next, I would like to thank the employees of ej4, both past and present. We have created something unique in the marketplace and each of you has an extreme impact on our product since ej4 started in 2004. Your hard work and perseverance have helped shape this company into what we are today, and what we will become tomorrow. Each year we achieve the unachievable, generating more customers, creating more content than the year prior, and expanding our technology platform to new grounds. So, thank you for all you do, every day, to make ej4 a leader in performance improvement solutions.

Finally, thank you to our clients and partners that make all of this possible. We would not be where we are today without the trust you place in ej4 on a daily basis. While we will never be able to express our full gratitude, it is our goal to provide the best service possible and prove our gratitude through the solutions we create together. We look forward to expanding our relationship in the coming years, and thank you for allowing us to provide solutions for the people that matter most to you.

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