Leadership Curriculum

Leadership: The final frontier

The job of supervisor is one of the toughest in the organization. It’s where things roll down from the top, and concerns start from the bottom. By utilizing ej4’s 52-week leadership curriculum plan, you will learn how to be a “followable” leader through eLearning, and it’s all customizable through Thinkzoom.


Put me in, Coach

Not all employees are the same.  Employees need to be coached according to their specific strengths and weaknesses. Use Thinkzoom to create custom videos to keep your employees on track.  Thinkzoom can also be used to keep the lines of communication open by sending targeted messages to help your team develop.


Administration made easy

Utilizing our Learning Group function, you can set the initial curriculum and let Thinkzoom take care of the rest. With Thinkzoom, users will have a clear understanding of what courses are required, their current progress, and past results.  They can also use Thinkzoom as a communication vehicle for sharing best practices with other members of the team. With ej4 and Thinkzoom, you have the tools to advance from supervisor to manager to leader in just a few minutes a week. Get started now with your free leadership campus trial.

Leaderhip Curriculum Adminstration

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