New Hire Curriculum

Onboard and on time.

When hiring a new employee, it is important to bring them up to speed quickly. ej4 gets you started by covering the basic courses in Anti-Harassment, employment law, and other compliance topics that should be covered in a new employee’s first 30 days with your company. Then, use Thinkzoom to create custom content based on your own Vision, Mission, and Values, health benefits, and any proprietary systems or processes you use to make your company a great place to work. Contact ej4 to create your consistent onboarding curriculum today!

Want to take it a step further?

Once you successfully get your employees on-board, continue the communication through consistent messaging from your organization through Thinkzoom. Here are some ideas on how to engage your employees through Thinkzoom:

  1. Consistent updates from the executive leadership team
  2. Open enrollment communications
  3. New product releases
  4. New hire and promotion communications
  5. Internal system updates

Find out how you can use ej4 to increase employee effectiveness and provide consistent communication to retain top talent.

Administration made easy

Utilizing our Learning Group function, you can set the initial curriculum and let Thinkzoom take care of the rest. With Thinkzoom, users will have a clear understanding of what courses are required, their current progress, and past results.  They can also use Thinkzoom as communication vehicle for sharing best practices with other members of the team.

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