Sales Curriculum

Everything you need to sell more with less.

ej4’s award-winning online sales training is now a fully customizable 52-week curriculum plan complete with eLearning, business book summaries, and the ability to create your own video content. Confused on what to create? We provide guidance on what off-the-shelf courses to supplement, and you can use Thinkzoom to personalize our off-the-shelf content.

Administration made easy.

Utilizing our Learning Group function, you can set the initial curriculum and let Thinkzoom take care of the rest. With Thinkzoom, users will have a clear understanding of what courses are required, their current progress, and past results.  They can also use Thinkzoom as communication vehicle for sharing best practices with other members of the team.

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With our Sales Curriculum and a few minutes per week, you can turn prospects into customers.

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