Off-the-shelf eLearning

Short, tactical eLearning that is fully customizable.



ej4’s off-the-shelf eLearning is more than a video learning library. We offer a collection of proven solutions that are built with instructional design specific for eLearning in today’s multi-platform mobile workforce. The current and future business environment demands tools that are quick, strategic, and accessible on all devices.

We provide your company with an immediate solution that employees can use to get the information they need while being back to work in 10 minutes or less. Plus, with ej4’s Thinkzoom platform you have the ability to personalize the learning with your own custom video introductions and follow-ups to existing ej4 courses on topics like safety, compliance, sales training, and more.



Just-in-time learning

Sales teams can review closing tips in the parking lot before a meeting. HR representatives can watch a refresher course on appropriate questions before an interview. New supervisors can learn about concerned conversations before they happen. All this in about 10 minutes or less from any device.

Keep your employees focused and productive with learning that gets them up to speed and back to work. With mobile eLearning courses, ej4 makes sure your team has the answers at their fingertips whenever and wherever they need them.

Thinkzoom it

Why start from scratch? With ej4
you don’t have to.

Use one of our off-the-shelf programs and then use Thinkzoom to create an introduction with your computer or mobile device. Thinkzoom allows you to add your custom content with our existing content. eLearning works when it solves a problem, and when it speaks to the employee’s specific need. Start your free trial of Thinkzoom now and see how ej4 provides a personalized learning experience.

Add your own message around existing ej4 off-the-shelf courses to provide a personalized experience. Don’t build an entirely new course to teach customer service; we’ll provide the basics, and you provide the specifics.

Business need

Train for the task at hand.

ej4’s instructional design is based on providing short and targeted eLearning that gives the user only the necessary information. What do we mean by “just as needed” training? Knowing everything there is to know about Project Management isn’t always necessary, but making sure your Project Management team knows how to estimate a timeline is a must.  Our programs are structured to allow employees to learn what they need, when they need the information.

Course Library

Every topic, you actually need.
All packaged up.

Having hundreds of eLearning courses is great, but how many employees are actually using them? And how many of those actually tie back to making or saving the company money? At ej4, we do eLearning a little differently. While, we do offer hundreds of eLearning courses on topics like Management, Productivity, Anti-Harassment, and Customer Service, we look for the business need first. What are the problems that need to be solved? And what courses will help you? We analyze every problem and build solutions that fit your needs. Sometimes it’s off-the-shelf and sometimes it’s custom eLearning. Most often it’s a mix of both. We work with you to build a comprehensive performance improvement plan with a written curriculum. You’ll know exactly which courses get you the results we have identified. An eLearning solution doesn’t get much easier or more effective than that.

Work with our team of learning consultants to identify the real problems. Whatever the need, we have the tools to help you solve the problem.