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    We're proud and honored to consistently be noticed as one of the best training content providers.

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  • eLearning Made Effective

    At ej4 we look at training differently. eLearning is just one of the tools we use to help you build performance.

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    Workplace Performance Improvement

    At ej4 our job is to teach a skill, communicate your message, or tell your company story to improve the performance of your organization.

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    Without a need don’t proceed…

    Training for the sake of training doesn’t work. You need to identify a real problem first. ej4 helps identify the specific problems that will either make or save your company money.

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Just as needed

Focus on the learning topics you need, with the audience that needs it.

Just enough

Actionable learning in an easy-to-digest format.

Just in time

On-demand learning when and where you need it.

Just right

Customize your learning experience using our knowledge sharing platform, Thinkzoom.


Personal Learning

ej4′s custom eLearning development brings your voice to engaging and effective online learning. We apply over 60 years of instructional design experience to creating custom content that speaks to your specific needs.

It’s the authoring tool and learning platform you would have built…

(if you weren’t so busy running your business)

Reasons to Choose

Through our curriculum-based approach, we give you the tools you need to target and to change employee behaviors immediately.


Our comprehensive sales curriculum gives you the tools you need to close that next deal. See how using ej4 helps you get a jump on the competition.


Keeping employees safe at work is the responsibility of everyone in the organization. Our safety curriculum keeps your employees safe and helps you prepare for your OSHA inspections.

New Hire

Employee on-boarding can be a daunting task. Combine our off-the-shelf content with your company specific information to consistently onboard your employees every time.

Leadership & Supervision

People don’t leave jobs, they leave bosses. ej4’s Leadership and Supervisor curriculum gives your leaders the tools they need to keep employees productive.

Meet the Team

At ej4 we’re all about personalizing your learning experience.

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