4 Key Elements for a Successful Leadership Program

According to a Retention and Leadership Survey study done by Harris Poll (commissioned by Saba), 39 percent of companies surveyed offered leadership development programs, but only 15 percent of employees at those firms felt that the training they were receiving in any way prepared them for leadership positions. Those numbers, and a little math, tell us that about 60% of all leadership programs are failing their employees.

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Dealing with Upset Customers: The Advanced Guide

In business, you can’t please everyone. Though everyone has to deal with a disgruntled customer at one point or another, that encounter doesn’t have to ruin your day— or theirs.

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What Makes a Good Incentive Plan?

Most people love a good incentive plan: It gives them motivation to work harder and achieve more. Basically, it’s a reason to come to the office energized and use creativity to solve problems in the workplace. However, only the best incentive programs actually achieve those outcomes. Plans that aren’t effective fail to motivate employees and ultimately fall by the wayside. So, if you’re looking to incentivize your staff to bring out their best work, you need to know what makes a program effective. With that in mind, here’s a look at the attributes that define a good incentive plan:

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